Show Me Your Show Cards

D.M. Campana was one of the most prominent china painters in the field at the time of his death at 85 in 1956. He founded the Campana Art Company at the turn of the century with china painting materials as its specialty. He developed his own line of china colors which he used and...

DuBouchett and Paul Rand’s Illustrated Trademarks

Paul Rand took over the Dubonnet Man from its originator A.M. Cassandre when the liquor came to the United States. He also created the Coronet Man, the mascot for Coronet Brandy. But did you know about the DuBouchett Man (a Harlequin by any other name)? These are all illustrative trademarks, of which he did...

Designing A Hard Core Exercise

Walter Camp (1859 – 1925) was an American football player, coach, and sports writer known as the “Father of American Football”. Among his gridiron inventions, are the line of scrimmage and the system of downs. Camp was believed in keeping in shape through simple exercises. As an adviser to the United States military during...

Shoe Fetish

The Hamilton Brown Shoe Factory was the first large scale industrial operation in Columbia, Missouri. Heller looks at its semi-Art Nouveau decorated catalog.

A Tale of Two Sketches

The other Sunday at Rome's largest flea market Porta Portese the eagle-eyed Louise Fili and Steven Heller spied a small booth selling a few mediocre pencil sketches with one notable exception. The colored pencil drawing on paper (bottom) signed "F. Depero / 1926."

IBM Beyond Rand

The Jules Collins Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University is exhibiting “Visual Memoranda: The IBM Poster Program, 1969–1979” from April 12 to July 15. The posters are office messages produced for internal consumption.

Flowered Polish Type

The first Polish posters appeared in the 1890s at the hand of outstanding painters and florid letterers. What set the Polish posters apart was the emphasis placed on the highly artistic quality of the project, an attitude that will continue to characterize the Polish poster throughout the 20th century.