16 pages of Joy

Un Sedicesimo, which, in Italian, refers to a 16-page signature, is an experimental magazine (or booklet, depending on your perspective) published by Corraini Edizioni in which illustrators and designers are invited to do whatever strikes their fancy for 16 pages. Louise Fili and I just completed one devoted to luscious script typefaces. But other artists, including Italo Lupi, Steven Guarnaccia, Daniel Eatock, Paul Cox, and more, have each assembled their own modern-day festschrifts that reveal their respective passions, obsessions, and folly for images, letters, and assorted things.
    Un Sedicesimo is not the only one of its kind. The Pentagram Papers and The Push Pin Graphic are among the most famous. But one of the first was Feliks Topolski’s Chronicles, a journal of his drawings from the 1930s through the 1940s. Un Sedicesimo, produced by Stefano Corraini, is a fresh approach to experimental graphics. A subscription for 6 issues:
•    24 € for Italy
•    24 + 12 € shipping expenses for EU countries
•    24 + 18 € shipping expenses for outside EU countries
For more information about subscriptions and terms of payment, please visit www.unsedicesimo.com or write to unsedicesimo@gmail.com.

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