A New Type of Type Gallery

The Vienna-based design office bauer/konzept & gestaltung wants to be an interface between the design community and the public. So to give laypeople insight into the design world, to explain form and process, and to present design in an everyday context, bauer/konzept has launched a new type of type gallery called “Typopassage” in Vienna‘s MuseumsQuarter.

They call it a “Design Micro Museum With and About Lettering,” and it shows typographic design spanning from the initial concept to the final font. The plan is to show three different exhibitions a year by international contemporary designers in one of the gangways of the complex MuseumsQuarter in Vienna. Five cabinets are installed in the passage that display these temporary works. It is open 24 hours a day. The exhibition catalog (below, third from bottom) can be purchased for 2 Euro from a vending machine (above). 
The first exhibition was  a permanent ceiling design (below, second from top and second from bottom) by type Barcelona designer and illustrator Alex Trochut. The second exhibition opening June 1 to September 30 displays the works of Berlin-based Ariane Spanier (bottom). A designer in Stefan Sagmeister‘s New York office between 2004 and 2005, Spanier is now focusing primarily on projects in the cultural sector and uses typography as a raw material for her craft experiments. Did I say it was open 24 hours?
(Extra: I am in Italy for the next couple of weeks. Check out the tweets here)



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