You all know what an Abecediary is, right? It’s an alphabet book (Abecediaries are generally considered to be medieval teaching aids, particularly for the illiterate), and probably one of the oldest genres of books for the young. Destination: ABECEDERIA is a variation on this theme. Also known as Die Flucht Nach ABECEDERIA (The Flight to Abecederia) by the French comic artist Blexbolex (also known as Bernard Granger), this graphic novella is about two adventurous crooks who escape into a paradisical country that turns into a Kafkaesque hell, replete with large insect monsters. The plot is told through a game for the letters of the alphabet, with each scene of this dystopia cleverly forming a separate letter (like the “H” below, bottom). It has to be the most inventive ABC book I’ve ever seen.
Do you have a favorite ABC book? Do tell in the comments!
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