August 2010


Vol. 64, Number 4

Cover by James Victore
Photograph by Tom Schierlitz

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Special Back Issue: Voices from the Watergate summer
By Martin Fox

Letter from the Editor: Design at a dizzying crossroads
By Aaron Kenedi

The small pleasures (and pains) in the life of a New Yorker
By Caitlin Dover

Ripoff artists and typographic invention
By James Gaddy

Street art and school portraits
By Aaron Kenedi

A portfolio tic becomes cloying
By Steven Heller

A visual essay
deconstructing design

By Michael Ian Kaye/Mother Design

Credit where credit is due
By Mike Perry

Modernism and its discontents
By Art Chantry

The Holocaust shouldn’t be Israel’s identity
By Sagi Haviv

A graphic primer on etiquette today
By Barbara Glauber

Denim fashion design and the premium-jeans blues
By Paul Choi

Brand-bandying banter
By Felix Sockwell

Designers are their own worst enemy
By Joe Duffy

A mutable truth via Chatroulette
By Oded Ezer

What if highbrow became mass-market?
By Rodrigo Corral



Up Front
Penguin at 75, a rock-poster convention, and more

Shelf Life
Fuseproject’s Puma shoes packaging, more Great Ideas from
Penguin, and the story behind The National’s latest album cover

What does it take to be a leader in graphic design?
By Debbie Millman

Jason Santa Maria on good typography for the web
Interview by Steven Heller

The strong bonds between graphic design and surrealism [Read more]
By Rick Poynor

Best Practices
Nonprofits and the green shift [Read more]
By Jeremy Lehrer

Are designers ready to start making apps? [Read more]
By Khoi Vinh

The untold visual history of baseball cards
By Drew Dernavich

Adobe Ideas, Sketchbook Pro, and using Browserseal to test cross-browser compatibility
By Patric King and Su

Hot Type
Veljovic Script
By Paul Shaw

Barbara Kruger
and The
Story of Graphic Design
Reviews by Sarah Zimmerman and Laurel Dammann

End Product
Behind the scenes at Busy Beaver Button Co. 

By J.C. Gabel

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