Print’s August 2011 Issue

Table of Contents



A new generation of designers is reviving the quintessential Polish art form.


Steven Heller finds out how the Norman Rockwell Museum is bringing the iconic American artist into the 21st century.


Does graphic design history have a future? Rick Poynor investigates.

Best Practices

Jeremy Lehrer asks Nike about building shoes with a green soul.

Paul Shaw and Stephen Coles talk Spiekermann and birthday cakes.


Eileen MacAvery Kane thinks Shepard Fairey can teach designers a lesson in ethics.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is dead. So what’s next?

Christopher Butler wonders if we can contain the cloud.
In the back
Books on the human form, psychedelic art, and malfunctioning Russian space heaters
Back Issue
Editor emeritus Martin Fox on Print’s September/October 1982 story on posters for faux Broadway shows.
We pick the best, palette-cleansing entries from our first ever Color in Design awards. See the winners.
The Goods
New albums by Eno and They Might Be Giants, luxurious editions from White’s Books, and Adobe tackles apps
Justin Sullivan on Harry Beck’s subway map
In the Studio
Dress Code lets its hair down.