Bozo: American Hero

Shortly before his death in 2008, Larry Bozo Harmon finished writing the told-to autobiography, THE MAN BEHIND THE NOSE: Assassins, Astronauts, Cannibals, and Other Stupendous Tales.
Together with writer Thomas Scott McKenzie, Harmon tells the inspiring,
touching, and unique story of his life. Bozo was a hero.

“He left the world a happier place than when he came into it. This is the wonderful legacy of Larry Harmon, the man known and loved by children and adults everywhere as Bozo the Clown.” 

. . .noted the website “All About Clowns.” Or as the Estonians would say . . .

Ta lahkus maailma õnnelikum koht kui siis, kui ta tuli sinna. See on suurepärane pärand Larry Harmon, mees tuntud ja armastatud laste ja täiskasvanute kõikjal Bozo Kloun.”

With his flaming red wings of hair, bulbous red nose, mammoth ruby smile, and signature yuh-yuh-yuh-yuh chuckle, Bozo was the quintessential American clown.

Harmon’s book is a serious work of clown literature. Smartly designed and entertainingly scribed, it returns Bozo (see video here) to his rightful place and the pantheon of pop culture. Or as “All About Clowns” explains:

“With vivid immediacy and captivating humor, he shares
how he set out to transcend the traditional boundaries of “Clowndom” and
succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.”




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