10 Design Gifts for the Holidays

It’s finally that time of the year when we scour our bookmarks folder and unearth blogged-about, artistically pleasing treasures to bestow upon the most deserving of our designer friends (or, let’s be honest, ourselves). From Pantone-hued shoes to 19th-century-style eyewear, here are ten products that caught our eye this year.

Expressions of typographic love

Display your fondness for the classical typeface detail with this discreet but visually stunning bag—the antithesis to the ubiquitous American Apparel Helvetica Alphabet tee.

From the designers over at House Industries comes a new way to
display stylish typefaces in your home. Neutraface Slab in pillow form
(small and large available) is still sleek and simple, while the
overlayed ampersand pillow creates abstract fun with the much-loved

Office supplies

With 27.5 yards of creative ornamenting possibilities, this packing tape is for much more than holding together boxes.

Personal adornment
With 5x-magnification and brass-rimmed, 19th-century style, this monocle is a must to accompany your newly grown handlebar mustache.

The true meaning of “arm candy:” A watch with smooth style and sugary-sweet colors ranging from “rubine” pink to bright blue to tone-on-tone white.

This sterling silver necklace turns the mundane—those curls of wood that spill out from a sharpened pencil—into the precious. It’s designed by Australian jewelry designer Victoria Mason, whose line of charm rings, necklaces and earrings celebrate the beauty in the everyday.


SeaVees is commemorating the creation of the Pantone Matching System with its 09/63 line of shoes (named for the date, September 1963, that Lawrence Herbert founded Pantone). These kicks are available in men’s and women’s sizes in seven carefully selected vintage colors such as PMS 163 (Goldenrod), PMS 539 (Navy) and PMS 202 (Red).

Image courtesy of Pentagram.
Designed by Pentagram, this coffee-table-worthy tome showcases everything from storyboards and annotated scripts to fabric swatches and character sketches. The cover material even mimics the color and texture of Mr. Fox’s corduroy suit.
Home decoration
call for price
Made of wood and enamel by furniture designer Paul Loebach, this table comes in shades of whimsical blue and was “inspired by the contrast of rough construction techniques and the soft beauty of graduating hues of color.”


An item you can design a room around. Go all the way by pairing the CMYK fixture with the F1/F2 brighter/dimmer option and the distinct orange RSS feed shade.

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