Her Regards To Broadway

This Labor Day weekend Laurie Rosenwald lights up the Great White Way with the launch of the new Target (prounounced by those in- the-know as “TAR-JAY”) billboard on 42nd and 7th Avenue, the crossroads of the world. The collage image is typical of her DIY-DADA-Rosenworld style and suggests the marriage of graffiti and a Broadway stage set–a perfect note in the visual cacophony that is the Rialto (a.k.a. Times Square).
So if you are stuck in or happily visiting NY City over the Labor Day weekend, shuffle on over to Times Square (early to avoid the crush) to see the newest billboard on the square. Or just printout the photo (above) and tape to your wall (its almost like being there).
Incidentally, stencil typefaces are making a comeback on Broadway: To learn more read this
[Update: As noted in Joyce Rutter Kaye’s comment below, this project created by Mother and directed by Michael Ian Kaye, includes four artists, Rosenwald, Micheal Anderson, Josh Goldstein and Charles Wilkin.]
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