IceRocks Doesn’t

IceRocks Doesn’t

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more brands of bottled water, here’s a new twist: packaged spring-water ice cubes. You read correctly. Multinational company WaterBank of America has launched IceRocks–hermetically sealed, perforated cube trays of spring water. Don’t let the name fool you–these cubes still require freezing, only the first hint of egregious over-consumption inherent in this product. Besides the plastic trays, the package includes peelable lids and a secondary structure with high-gloss UV coating for a wet look. Worst is the slogan: “The New Ice Age.” Given that this product’s manfacture can only increase emissions levels, its makers might do well not to toss around words that remind us of climate change. DEBBIE MILLMAN

Debbie Millman is a partner at Sterling Brands. Her latest book is How To Think Like a Great Graphic Designer (Allworth Press). She teaches at the School of Visual Arts and serves as a national board member of the AIGA. Millman contributes to the blog Speak Up and also hosts her own weekly internet talk show, Design Matters.

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