In the Studio: Cyrus Highsmith

Playing Candy Land in the attic with the typographer and
2001 New Visual Artist

Studio location
Providence, Rhode Island

Year you started working here
In this space, 2008. But I’ve been an employee of Font Bureau since 1997.
Square footage
192 square feet
Number of employees
Here, it’s just me.
Drawing letters
Current projects
Drawing letters
Dream collaborator
Sigmund Freud
One word that describes your space
Best thing in the studio
The window
One thing you would change
My posture
What’s the story behind the white numbers?
They’re from old
highway signs. I found them near where I grew up, in Wisconsin, at a junkyard.
What does your typical day look like?
I start really early
so I can get most of my work for the day done by lunchtime. I spend most of the
afternoon with my young daughter. Then I spend another hour or so in the office
before dinner.
Can’t work without
Making mistakes
What’s on your desk?
Sketchbooks, scrap paper, Wacom stylus,
cutting mat, library books, pens, pencils, knife, brushes, type specimens,
coffee cups, computer monitors, rubber stamps, a loupe, a prototype for a children’s alphabet book, a broken mobile phone . . .
Why do you have Candy Land in your office?
I’m working on my own version. With dinosaurs.
How do you procrastinate?
Playing Candy Land. I’m a Candy-Lad. It’s sort of like a Brony [Ed.: a male fan of My Little Pony].

Best place for a coffee (or tea) break
On the front porch

Sound track
Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores
What do you take with you to work when you travel?
sketchbook, pencils, an eraser, a white gel pen, and a black brush pen
To see more of Cyrus’s work, visit his website.
All photos by Ross Mantle

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