Let Theirs Be Light


Enlighten! is an exhibition and sale in Los Angeles on November 21 featuring over 85 limited edition artist and designer’s lampshades to benefit inner city arts education. They provide quite a turn on. In addition to the designers shown here, included are Lou Beach, Calef Brown, Stefan Bucher, Paul Rogers and Noah Woods, and each design an illuminating masterpiece. As co-creator Jeff Smith with Al Quattrocchi of Tornado Design says:
“The Enlighten! show provided a chance to work with some of our favorite artists, present them with an unusual challenge, and expose their fantastic work to a new audience. By donating a portion of sales to the good folks at Inner-City Arts, we’re supporting their valuable work in the area of arts education, ever more important as arts funding in the public schools continues to diminish.”

Top: Sarajo Frieden, “Floating World.” (Bottom from top) Christine Haberstock, “Kamasutra;” Souther Salazar, “Where The Wind Blows;” Christina Ung, “Red Gummy;” James Yang, “Three Bunnies with Apologies to the Three Graces.”





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