Let’s Clear The Air


Michael Marashian is a poster dealer. A few months ago he was contacted by a long time activist who was instrumental in putting on the No Nukes concerts at Madison Square Garden in NYC in ’79, a fund raiser for MUSE (Musicians United for a Safe Energy). Posters done by four graphic designers (Seymour Chwast (top), Bernard Bonhomme (below), Paul Davis, and Jan Sawka) for these shows were produced in limited editions, numbered and signed by the artists. They were to be sold as part of the fund raising events. 
However, the printer did not print the posters in time (they arrived a month too late); they were never used, and sat in a warehouse forgotten for 30 years.  Now,  they are for sale, with a percentage of the proceeds going to a group still working for safe energy.  Marashian believes their rarity, quality and provenance might be of interest to some of you. And I agree. So visit here for more. 

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