Friday Night Links 12/12/08

Tony Jebara’s Citysense app, from Esquire‘s Best and Brightest Cartographers feature

December 12, 2008. Welcome to the first installment of Friday Night Links—our round-up of the articles and blog posts that have been circulating around I.D.’s office for the past week. We were too tired to come up with a better name than Friday Night Links, so if any of you have suggestions for something less pathetic, please email us at: letters[at]

Esquire maps out the digital cartography scene [Esquire]
MDRDV hissyfit visible in Cleveland museum building plans []
Core77 launches second Greener Gadgets competition [Core77]
Herman Miller hands out free Embody chairs []
Pantone names egg-yolk yellow "color of the year" [New York Mag]