Obsessions: June 14, 2010

Here’s a
handy-dandy infographic
for designers acclimating themselves to the
upcoming HTML5 features and specifications. The upper portion shows you
upcoming features, in a nutshell, and the lower form shows you which browsers
support which technologies. There’s a little bit of a diatribe at the bottom
about Flash versus HTML5, but I’m not so sure I buy that—it states that HTML5
is “universal,” while flash is not, but frankly, IE support for HTML5 looks
pretty low in combination with their portion of the browser market to really
make that statement be true.

…and on that note, here’s
a chart
showing the distribution of Flash player versions installed across
browsers. According to this sample, Flash was installed in 96.38%
of browsers polled. That number alone makes HTML5 support sound much less
universal than the previous infographic wants to believe.

In case you’re not a Huffington post fan and haven’t seen
this, the author of the Twitter feed BPglobalPR
has written a
refreshingly lucid rationale
for co-opting BP’s Twitter presence and turned
the company’s lack of communication into a widespread embarrassment. It pleases
me to see such well-considered, intelligent protest.

In response to BP’s manmade disaster, this fascinating letter calls on the evangelical Christian communities to
re-examine their definition of the concept of sin, and how it applies to
environmentalism, and how that might affect their political bedfellows. This is
one of the first things I’ve seen indicating a massive sea-change in cultural
basics as we move into a world where disasters of this horrifying a scope can
and will continue to happen.

I could have sworn I pointed this out already, but
apparently not. Here’s
an article at GenerationBubble
asserting that we are, in fact, turning
ourselves into narcissistic sociopaths with each continuing generation through
emphasis on the self.