Obsessions: June 21, 2010

Mister Mort—whose name street fashion fans will
recognize—has a fantastic eye for vernacular forms of fashion and
self-ornamentation. His observations cross boundaries of age, social standing,
and now, state lines. He’s posted a beautiful look at a modern Alabama shindig.
are pictures from a group of friends
showing a keen balance of
understanding their context as modern people, modern Southerners, and people
whose history is all around them.

Bike fans, this link is for you. Here’s a site called Bicycletutor, showing you how to care for
and repair your ride.

Typography and football—who would have made that
association? Typographer Paul Barnes speaks with the FontFeed at FontShop about his
typography created for World Cup team jerseys through Puma.

…and here’s a fantastic gallery of World
Cup balls through the years,
created by the New York Times. Proof positive
that a ball is never just a ball.

I ran across this article via another discussing the
morality of cloning. As a cultural artifact, it’s fascinating—a New York Times
article on dealing with the disappointment that your cloned pet isn’t
exactly the same as the original.
The unaware display of privilege is

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