Obsessions: May 17th, 2010

his Flickr stream,
Mike Essl asks a pretty important question I’m surprised
I’ve never heard asked before: what’s that wall called with all the crap pinned
to it? You know what I’m talking about; we all have one. (Mine’s a big round
red aluminum dot with everything stuck to it magnetically.)

Here’s an
interesting article about two opposing cultures of social conduct:
versus guessing. The basic thought goes like this: we are either raised in a
culture where we directly say or ask what need to know, or we are raised in a
culture where it is more important for us to divine what is going to come next
based upon surrounding cues. This is interesting to me because my partner and I
were raised in opposite forms of this culture. Su’s family taught him to ask
what he needed to know; mine (being Southern, y’all) taught me I should know
what’s going on in every situation without asking.

Courtesy of the lovely and talented Miss Debbie Millman (who
I hear makes a living turning letters on game shows and not using her brain at
all), here is your essential list of logo design tips and

Great article at the New York Times about Hello Kitty’s popularity, currently on the wane. I’ve always been bananas for anything kawai,
but the really interesting parts here are the details scattered throughout
detailing the amount of money a completely immaterial concept like Hello Kitty
is worth, and the trouble her creators are going through to find a replacement
sticky enough to generate the same amounts of revenue she has.

One of my favorite FontShop features at the FontFeed is
their roundup of film poster typography, called Screen Fonts. It’s a thorough
romp through whatever horrible typography Hollywood’s foisted on us for the
month. This
particular entry picks on Clash of the Titans
, and frankly, that film absolutely
deserves what Yves gives it.