Obsessions: May 24, 2010

In the ongoing Antarctic marriage between Apple and Adobe
(you know, two land masses connected by an ice bridge), Adobe has given a
little room, but in a smart way. If you’ve just upgraded to CS5, open any of
the apps and under your help menu, select “check for updates.” You’ll see that
there’s a handy little piece of code waiting for your Dreamweaver installation:
support for CSS3 and HTML5. Rather than forcing Flash upon us, Adobe
is wisely letting us choose for ourselves.

Where are all the designers speaking out against BP?
Seriously. This
is all I’ve found,
and it’s saaaaaad. The thoughts are garbled, the
concepts are unresolved, and it freaks me out how unclear it all is. This satirical Twitter feed is much
more resolved in tone.

an essay at Generation Bubble
fueling my ongoing and building suspicion
that design is actually hurting the world through its implementations within
the tenets of capitalism. This essay discusses the West’s exploitation of
choice: shopping is freedom—market freedom equals choice equals freedom of

Here’s a truer form of displaying your shopping prowess: pay
an artist to add to your collection. These
beautiful blackwork tattoos
from artist Thomas Hooper are by far the most
unique I’ve seen in a while, a departure from the usual collections we see of
old-fashioned flash art or tribal armbands. Don’t click if you can’t handle

Speaking of the freedom to shop combining itself with
identity, here’s
a great article on what it means to be an actual hipster
versus the
commoditized definition we see wandering all over the world.