Reintroducing Peggy Guggenheim (by Fabrica)!

Fabrica’s limited-edition suitcases reintroduce "Peggy

August 11, 2008. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, the museum will host a flurry of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, free tours, films and even a birthday concert. It will also introduce a limited-edition retail line designed by Fabrica intended to reacquaint visitors with the woman who was the niece of museum founder, Solomon R. Guggenheim but established one of the world’s finest modern art collections in her own right, and who lived in the museum’s palazzo for 30 years until her death in 1980 when she donated it to the institution. The summer’s agenda will emphasize her relationship to the American art scene as well as her influence on Venetian art during the ‘50s and ‘60s. It was in 1948 that the Secretary General of the Venice Biennale invited Peggy to exhibit her astounding painting collection in the Greek pavilion (empty due to that country’s ongoing civil war), allowing Europeans to view Rothkos, Gorkys and Pollocks for the very first time. Taking its cues from her convention-breaking personality and some of the objects she loved best, Fabrica has designed silkscreened suitcases, dog bowls and numbered sketchbooks. The title of the line – Who is Peggy? – is both descriptive and a quiet accusation: more of us should know.,

Silkscreened color gives old photos new life

A ceramic typewriter featuring silkscreened graphics

Dog bowls using silkscreened graphics