Print Ain’t Not Dead

You don’t have to be high to love Opium–the magazine, not the narcotic. Its eighth installment, “The Infinity Issue,” is one of the most intoxicating ever. It’s stuffed with stories by Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), Mary Miller, and Daniel Grandbois; cartoons by Graham Roumieu, Joel Priddy, and Corrine Mucha; plus selections from the 500-word Memoirs from the Opium contest. It’s edited by David Barringer. Check it out here and learn about the longest story every told here.

What’s more, you can be color blind and enjoy the new Esopus 12: “Black and White.” Actually, you’ll be surprised how colorful this monotone issue can be. But if you are still worried that print is dying, this magazine, edited by Tod Lippy, is evidence of the medium’s incredible potential to rouse and stir. Check out the striking images from an obsolete tool of 20th century physics–the bubble chamber–here (and below). Also learn about Esopus 1 – 12 here.

And while you’re looking, do you have a favorite indie mag?

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