Recession-proof Sweets

Did you know this scientific fact: During times of depression (and recession) people eat more sugar (and consume more liquor)? If you have to eat sweets and you’re in gay Paree on Rue Bonaparte, I am told you absolutely must have a classic French macaron at Ladurée (sample above and image from its bar below). You will simply swoon at the many creamy-flavored fillings (including licorice) and the scrumptious pastry sandwich. What’s more, the packaging is design elegance at its tastiest. The digs are pretty fine too. And I bet you can’t eat just one.

But if you have a hankering for chocolate, you must not miss the to-die-for confections and delicious packaging (all the way at the bottom) at a la Reine Astrid on Cherche-Medi on la Rive Gauche. The chocolate junkie will be in heaven. And the recession will seem like a distant memory.

What other combinations of graphic design and sweets tickle your fancy?

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