Remember Ed Emberley?
Remember Ed Emberley? Sure you do. In 1972 he published a 32-page book called Make a World (above), with 400 illustrations that showed children (like you and me) how to draw almost anything.
It was instructional, but, says Steve Juras of  The Swiderski Institute, who is currently developing a film on Emberley, “it was much more than that. Called by some a visual dictionary and even a bible, it’s a powerful influence on contemporary designers and artists. It’s used in a wide range of educational contexts, from elementary schools to college courses, to promote creative thinking. It’s even been embraced in Japan as an aesthetic approach unto itself.”
Juras and team are halfway through production and need more
support to finish the project. It is being produced by Mutual Midwest, a collaborative of he and his partners.They have already interviewed Emberley and a number of people connected to him. There is even a delightful trailer that you can see here. After that, check out all the other features on the site and then lend your support (with a donation or in spirit).


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