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Kevin Wade is a founding partner at Planet Propaganda in Madison, WI,
and he has started a new design entrepreneurial business (like the ones
encouraged by the MFA Designer as Author program at SVA). He
notes that these kinds of offshoot ideas get discussed over beers all
the time. “When the beer is done, it’s back to work at your day job,
and the ‘what ifs’ go back on the shelf until the next beer-sparks
(suds) fly.” Except this time, Wade and company actually started an
offshoot called NONSEK.
“Remix culture is everywhere–the genie is out of the bottle,” he
continues. “The technology is in the hands of millions to recut,
repaste, recycle, recombine, and remix music, film and video, fashion,
food, art–and of course graphics!”

Planet Propaganda launched
NONSEK about a week ago with the goal of selling designer’s tees. “The
artists on NONSEK love it as a promo outlet–a new way to push their
art–and a new revenue stream as well!”

The name, NONSEK, comes
from non sequitur, a conclusion that doesn’t follow the premise. Here’s
how it works: At the Nonsek Machine, you can choose an artist’s
selection of images to remix by simply pushing a button. Don’t like it?
Remix again. When you find something you like, you can see it on a
T-shirt, which Nonsek can print (one at a time) and ship overnight. The
artists include Art Chantry (top), Ames Brothers (below), Jesse LeDoux
(second, below), Leigh Wells (third, below), the Nonsek folks (bottom)
and more.

Currently being developed is a Nonsek Machine
browser widget that artists can embed in their own sites and an iPhone
app.” is also in the works.







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