The Designed Life, design:related edition

As part of a new feature, we asked Matt Sung and
Karen Horton, co-founders of the social networking site, to elaborate on
eight items from their collection of design inspirations. Submit your own design
inspiration, which could be featured in upcoming issues.

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want
To Be
Paul Arden’s mini-manifesto tells you to
“give away everything you know, and more will come back to
you.” That kind of advice can be applied on a mass scale—and
read in 30 minutes.

The Wanderer dust jacket [Karen]
My obsession with the work of Alvin Lustig began after reading a 1956
Print magazine article in the University of Florida College of
Fine Arts library.

Vintage Polaroid Camera [Karen]
I found
this camera at the Waldo Flea Market, a favorite destination when I was
living in Florida. No new digital invention compares with the instant
gratification you get when a Polaroid photo comes into view.

Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel [Karen]
My dad introduced me to
the songs and lyrics of Simon & Garfunkel at an early age. Though the
Bookends album was released back in 1968, the music is timeless,
and it always sounds better on vinyl.

Kidrobot vinyl toys [Matt
& Karen]
It all started with collecting fast-food toys, but we
graduated to collecting designer vinyl toys. Ninety percent of the
thrill is the mystery box and the anticipation right before opening a
new toy.

Grado SR80 headphones [Matt]
Music is a must for
any designer. These Brooklyn-made cans are minimal and borrow designs
from the 1920s, but they’re heavy on sound quality.

Pentax Fixed Lens
Though not always practical, a fixed lens
often leads me to take more interesting photos. Creating a composition
using only the viewfinder can help me find beautiful things in my
everyday surroundings.

Studio Ghibli [Matt & Karen]
We were
instantly hooked on the films of Studio Ghibli after seeing the 2002
U.S. release of Spirited Away in the theater. Hayao Miyazaki
masterfully blends imaginative storylines with gorgeous animation.