This Little Swine Flu Went to Market

What could possibly be worse than the oncoming swine flu? Well, probably not much. But the new “The Great Flu” video game (play here) makes me feel slightly ill. And very nervous.

“Since swine flu first emerged in April, it has sparked panic, vaccine production and now, a video game,” writes Maria Cheng, AP Medical Writer. “In an effort to raise awareness, Dutch researchers have created a game that challenges players to control a new pandemic. ‘It is actually what is happening now, what is happening in the real world,’ said Albert Osterhaus, head of virology at the Erasmus Medical Center, who designed ‘The Great Flu’ game with colleagues.”

Still, for all the good intentions, is a video game the best educational tool? Actually, it’s not the only one–a somewhat less intense game, SwineFighter, injects (below bottom) more humor into the proceedings.

You be the judge. If all you get this season is addicted to this game, that’s certainly far better than getting the H1N1 flu itself.


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