Two Cheers

I don’t usually flog a laundry detergent on this blog, but as I was washing a tog last week, I was smitten by the recently redesigned Cheer logo (above) from this (below). I’ve always preferred the happy-sounding Cheer to the oceanic sound of Tide or the kittenesque Snowy. And now, with this new lower-case logo with the Kabel-derived extended “h,” Cheer appears to have broken the conventions of the detergent-dress ghetto. What’s more, the introduction of a new trade character (bottom), the Cockney-accented Rose Spires, the Cheer Laundress–whose motto is “I fight for the brights”–is a new oratorical persona on the commercial stage.
    Here’s Rose on the subject of dingy: “Dingy is the opposite of clean, love. It’s dull, grayish, faded, grimy, grubby, mucky, and just dreadfully dirty.”
    And here is what she does on her day off: “I fancy you’d find me drinking pints with my mates at the local pub or walking my corgi, Spencer.”
    Thank you Cheer for brightening me day.

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