Viva Designo Mexicano


The Wolfsonian–Florida International University’s Journal of Decorative and
Propaganda Arts
#26 explores new
perspectives on 20th-century Mexican art and visual culture. It
brings together research on understudied developments of decorative arts, propaganda, and other media, with emphasis on Mexican modernism.
The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts (DAPA) has been particularly interested in Latin America with special theme
issues on Argentina (1992), Brazil (1995), and Cuba (1996). This
attention to Latin America is only natural given that the Journal is
edited and published in Miami, the “gateway to the

The publication of the
Mexico theme issue, edited by Lynda Klich and Jonathan Mogul, coincides with the 100th anniversary of the
Mexican Revolution and includes richly
illustrated essays that look beyond the most well-known aspects of
post-Revolutionary Mexican culture, especially muralism and the search
for a national identity based on an idealized indigenous peasant class.
The publication also provides an expanded portrait of the Mexican Renaissance. The issue can be order from Penn State Press here. Viva designo.



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