What We’re Reading: Red Book

What’s black and white and
all over? David Shrigley’s latest read, Red Book. The hard-to-miss bright red
paperback is a
continuation of Shrigley’s pokerfaced scrawls depicting everyday observations,
thoughts and some not-so-common comments on life’s little adventures. Fans will
be in their glory, and newcomers with an appreciation for dark wit and
child-like doodles will find a new addiction.

Uncouth is not quite the
word to describe Shrigley’s work, though his strange world waivers on crude
while offering plenty of sailor speak and nudity. Ultimately, it’s
purposeful—and downright hilarious, as demonstrated in this rather touching
one-page memo:

“Dear Arm, 
Please do as I say from now
on. I am in charge. You are not in charge. 
The Brain.”
Another passage consists of
a simple line drawing of an egg in a vice and reads: “Egg in a vice. I am
optimistic about the future of the egg.”

Broken into four
Stupid Idea, God, and Enough—Red Book is a guilty pleasure that leaves you,
enough, jaunty and ready for more.

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