Preview: London Design Festival: Somerset House

Alicia Framis’ China Five Stars, 100 Ways to Wear a Flag (2007)

September 12, 2008. Opening with the London Design Festival, Somerset House will show Wouldn’t It Be Nice… Wishful Thinking in Art and Design, an exhibition featuring recent work from 10 studios (look for brand new pieces by Martino Gamper, Bless, and Graphic Thought Facility), exploring the overlap between art and design. The content of the show will change according to a program of performance-based installations. Through December 7.,

New from BLESS:
N°35 Automaticate Controlled Cars #03 PlanterRemo (2008)

Martino Gamper’s new Office Furniture (2008)

Ryan Gander’s If I Could See But a Day of It (Multiverse) (2007)