ZZ Type


Who is that bearded man (above)? His name is William H. Page, but let’s
call him ZZ Type. He is just one of the many master printers, type
designers, type makers (his woodtype is sampled below), punch cutters,
and engravers discussed in Nineteenth Century American Designers Engravers of Type by William E. Loy (edited by Alastair M. Johnston and Stephen O. Saxe).
This rich compendium of vintage biography and type specimens by
heretofore forgotten pioneers of American graphic design (before the
coinage of the word) is drawn from the original book by Loy
(1847-1906), a printing salesman who knew many of the leading craftsmen
of his age and assembled a vast typographic library of their wares.
Among those in the book are Alexander Phemister, Gustave F. Schroeder,
Nicholas J. Werner, and Henry Schuenemann–not household (or AIGA
Medalist) names, but major contributors to the wood and metal
typographic legacy. Order here.

For more on American wood type also check out the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection at The University of Texas at Austin curated by David Shields.


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