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Image of the Day, March 11, 2013

Book cover redesigns of Verso’s Radical Thinkers series, using only lines and type. These were created by Rumors, the design studio responsible for the eye-catching cover of April’s Print.

Image of the Day, March 6, 2013

A page from Fin de Copenhague by Asger Jorn and Guy Debord from 1957. Rick Poynor discusses the book’s legend and influence at Design Observer.

Image of the Day, March 7, 2013

  The cover of an awesome Apple Computer guide illustrated by Matt Groening from 1989. Check out the whole article, plus shots of the entire brochure at Vintage Zen. Via Quipsologies.

Image of the Day, March 5, 2013

An entire website dedicated to the 1970 edition of the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standard Manual (designed by Massimo Vignelli of Unimark International) shows some very detailed insight to some of NYC’s most iconic signs.

Image of the Day, March 4, 2013

Check out this gallery of some playful examples of 3-D type illustrations, like this one by designer Chris LaBrooy. Via Awwwards.

Image of the Day, March 1, 2013

Not only is the design treatment of this book flawless, each copy has been hand-trimmed by a power saw. Check out more photos and graphic designer Andreas Hidber’s process on his Behance page.

Image of the Day, February 27, 2013

This clever book cover design is for Maxwell J. Roberts’ new book Underground Maps Unravelled. The inside includes many of the historic maps that have had an important role in simplifying train travel. Check out the story at Design Observer.