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Image of the Day, January 25, 2013

Nessim Higson (I Am Always Hungry) launched a Kickstarter for his book, Love Letters From New Orleans earlier this week. Take a look at some of the lush pages here. Image of the Day Archive 

Bob Gill Lends a Hand

There are few things more rewarding to an art director than working with someone you respect, and in that sense, my tenure at Print has seen an abundance of rewards. In the February issue alone, I got to hang out at the Pencil Factory “art directing”—i.e., chatting up the many great, friendly designers and...

Image of the Day, January 14, 2013

“Covers for reports on privacy laws in individual countries. An online algorithm was used to create the average colour from each country’s flag. This was then used as the background for each cover.” Design by This is Real Art. Image of the Day Archive