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About Bill Haig, Ph.D

Bill Haig, Ph.D., is a logo, website and branding design expert. He has worked in graphic design for many years as a non-designer working with clients in the design strategy planning and development phase. He was an apprentice for design legend Saul Bass (logos for AT&T, United Way, Alcoa, United Airlines, Girl Scouts among others). Dr. Haig is the pioneer in the new field of source credibility principles in communication persuasion applied to the creative elements of branding and integrated brand credibility strategy including website design. Haig teaches logo design and branding online at HOW Design University. He majored in psychology and communication at UCLA. His website is where his contact can be found.

Create Websites That Communicate & Sell

HOW Design University instructor Bill Haig Ph.D. has created a new breakthrough course in website design starting November 18. The course is focused on that important function of the company website – increasing conversion rates at first glance. When a credibility based company logo and credibility based website design work together, the two have...