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Brian McMullen is a writer and artist who works at McSweeney's in San Francisco.

Joan Jett's Video-Game Philosophy

I love this image of Joan Jett playing Gyruss in the 1987 movie Light of Day. In Light of Day, Jett plays Patti Rasnick, a rock-n-rolling single mom from Cleveland. Although Patti’s life is a mess, she finds existential—heck, spiritual—relief in coin-op video games. Video games may or may not be (or someday become)...

Neighborly Transaction

My neighbor waved hi on the sidewalk last Monday morning. “I saw your new piano,” he said. “My daughter plays in a private band.” The neighbor’s daughter is 14 years old. “What does she play?,” I asked. “What is a private band?” “She sings and plays the drums,” he said. “They play in her...