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About Christopher Butler

Christopher Butler is the Chief Operating Officer at Newfangled, a writer for PRINT Magazine and the author of The Strategic Web Designer. You can follow him @chrbutler on Twitter.

What are Web Projects Actually Like?

Imagine being a child again, or, for those of you truly in touch with your inner-child, simply imagine sitting on the living room floor, surrounded by blocks. In your mind is a grand vision for a tower unlike any other known to the world—one which only imagination could realize and wooden blocks can only...

A Permanent Work in Progress

Way back in 2007—and believe me, three web years is a long time—I read a column by Harry McCracken, the editor-in-chief for PC World, that I’ve not been able to forget since. In marveling at the pace of technological change, and its increasing scope of reach across the world, he wrote: “More than any...