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About Don Vaughan

Don Vaughan is a freelance writer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His work appears regularly in Writer's Digest, Military Officer Magazine, Boys' Life and other publications. He also is the founder of Triangle Association of Freelancers.

Sex on Display: The Golden Age of Adult Film Posters

Sex sells, the saying goes, but what if sex is what you’re selling? For the producers of adult films during the genre’s golden age (1970-1985), the secret to hot ticket sales was an eye-catching poster. And during that 15-year heyday, there were some beauts. Though many of the films were coarse, poorly made “weekend...

Craig Yoe: Preserving the History of Comics

Graphic designer Craig Yoe is a man on a mission: to preserve for future generations the works of lesser known comic book creators and rare efforts by well-known cartoonists. It’s a cause Yoe pursues with almost religious zeal, and he’s using the book division of his and Clizia Gussoni’s design company, Yoe Studio, to...

Sam Viviano: Designing MAD-ness

Strong art direction coupled with nuanced design are fundamental to MAD magazine’s spot-on parodies and satirical observations, and driving it all is art director Sam Viviano.