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About Hannah Sitzer

Hannah Sitzer is the founder of Antlre Creative, a concept, design, development and manufacturing agency in San Francisco. She has also worked at many boutique companies producing award- winning retail props, environments, and branding projects.

Dream Houses – Make My Job Easier

Mom just sent me a slew of new inspiring tree houses so I am adding them into this old entry. Funny how Mom and I have the same 2 favorites… Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand. The pine and poplar beams attached to a redwood tree resemble the construction of a moth’s nest....

Mad for Macramé

I am going to talk about what inspires me for my day to day projects and life in general—they all seem to bleed together. (Not much separation between work and play these days. It is almost all full of the good stuff.) Levi’s and I recently started a project together inspired by macrame, the...