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Jason Pamental ( is Director of Design & Product Experience at Fresh Tilled Soil (, author of Responsive Typography ( from O’Reilly, and an overall web and typography nerd who specializes in being a generalist. Pamental's work at FTS involves leading client workshops, defining design process and serves as a day-to-day touchpoint and ‘block-remover’ for project teams. When not at the office, you can find him speaking about design, process and typography at conferences around the world or more often following @aProperCollie around Turner Reservoir, posting photos on Instagram (

The Life of ¶: The History of the Paragraph

This article was originally featured in PRINT’s Fall 2015 issue, The Text Issue, from editorial director Debbie Millman and editor Zachary Petit. How can we build a better web experience? By unboxing the fascinating history of the paragraph, and figuring out how to best apply it in our interactive work today. There are a lot...