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About Jeshurun Webb

Jeshurun Webb is a graphic designer and illustrator currently working from New York as an art director at Mucca Design. She can be found furiously brainstorming visual strategies for clients and obsessing about typography. Jeshurun received an MFA in graphic design from RISD. View her work at and follow her @jeshurundesigns.

Undefined by Design gallery show

"Undefined by Design," a gallery show at Lorimoto curated by Brian LaRossa, explores the relationship between contemporary art and design.

Which Came First—The Artist or the Egg?

Without a doubt, this is the coolest Easter egg hunt around (trade in your basket for an app). The Big Egg Hunt is a philanthropic endeavor that sprawls across New York City, uniting big brands, artists and any kid at heart.

The Fine Art of Tattooing

Illustrators and fine artists test their crafts on a different kind of medium—skin. These artists are working in top shops and applying their skills to tattoo artistry.

On Their Own Terms: The Graphic Designer Job Description

I have been fascinated with how designers self-identify and describe what they do both to clients and to the design community. There is something brave about stating “I am…” and brazenly filling in the rest, planting a flag, carving out a specific niche in our visual field with a new noun or adjective. So...

Shadows in Typography, Then and Now

What I love about lettering instruction manuals from the late 19th century is how precisely they itemize and present the skills to be learned. If you follow step by step through the over 170 pages of the Elements of Lettering and Sign Painting (written in 1899), you will come out the other sleepless, ink-smudged...

Coffee Trikes: Coming Soon to a Sidewalk Near You

There’s a new movement percolating in the world of mobile culinary retail. If you spend much time on Kickstarter, you may have noticed it already. The food-truck trend, in full-force for a while now, is giving way to an even more eco-friendly option: trikes. Like food trucks, trikes can navigate to wherever their customers...

Transitions: Moving Up and Making Time

My current title is senior designer—which means, in my case, that my job includes a mix of contact with clients, management of younger designers, and chunks of time when I listen to music and focus on perfecting my formal craft while the hours fly by. Over the next couple of years, I plan to...

Condensed: An Experiment in Design Reduction

I was surprised the other day to find settings in iTunes and the radio-streaming app Stitcher that allow users to play a podcast at up to two times the normal speed. I tested them and discovered that, yes, NPR hosts speak slowly. But do we really not have time to listen to a pause...