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Weigh In: Rolling Stone’s August Magazine Cover

Rolling Stone is under fire on all fronts: social media, stores that sell their magazine, and pretty much all media serving the New England/Boston market. The controversy is centered on the publication's August magazine depicting Boston Marathon rolling-stonebombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover.

Words to Live By

HOW Design Live created so much buzz on social media before, during and after the show that the creators of this year's event have cultivated 23 of the most insightful sessions and will be providing access to them online at HOW Design University

What is the Future of 3D Printing?

What once was used to create 3D prototypes is quickly becoming something that can be done in-home and for any item. All you need is the right equipment - 3D printer, smartphone or digital camera and materials.

Who was Robert Bell?

Arguably, Thomas Paine's Common Sense was a catalyst to the American Revolution. His arguments laid out formidable reasons to assert the colonies independence from King George. Lost in the power of such a document is Robert Bell, the Philadelphia printer who first published Paine's work.