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Designers Take on PRISM PowerPoint

The revelation last week that the U.S. Government is spying on our Internet usage has set political pundits into overdrive. The classified program allowed under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), provides access to nine Internet servers and a wide rate of data. Pre-911, this kind of disclosure might be shocking. Instead, after the...

Kenneth Goldsmith Prints Out the Internet

Kenneth Goldsmith has encouraged many writers, poets and artists as founder of UbuWeb and the first-ever Poet Laureate for the Museum of Modern Art. That kind of moniker requires a substantial art exhibit and Goldsmith just may have done it, albeit angering the environmental movement in the meantime.

The Print Conspiracy: Quashing Rebellion

I love a good conspiracy theory so I would like to propose one now. For years, we've been hearing that digital media is cannibalizing print. What if rumors of print's demise is just a ploy to keep the masses under control?