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Patrick is a freelance writer, developer and designer. In particular he loves to write about web design, train people on web development and build web sites. Patrick’s passion for web design trends and patterns can be found in his books here. Follow Patrick on Twitter @designmeltdown.

Vannevar Bush + Chasing New Technology

Are we chasing new technology without seeing the bigger picture? Consider how Vannevar Bush's 1945 Atlantic Monthly article informs the ways we approach interactive design today.

Beautiful Site: is a site that provides plugins and extensions for WordPress, Joomla, and jQuery. They are a team of creatives focused on creating tools that are useful and relevant to designers. In particular they seek to make tools that are easy to implement and look gorgeous. This combination ensures designers will love them. The...

Beautiful Site:

This single page site is the online home for Ketch Studio, an Italian design and development company. Single page sites are a rather popular style and the offer up some unique problems and opportunities. Fortunately, the designers of this site not only overcame the potential problems. In fact, they made a distinctly styled site...

A Beautiful Site:

Smashapp is a site dedicated to highlighting coolest apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The site not only features a flow of fantastic apps, but it also highlights an app of the day. I love many things about the design of this site, but a few items in particular really make it...