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Reporting from the Third Annual Vienna Design Week

New and Notable 2009

See a slideshow of the year’s best products in the categories of
Live, Work, Shine, Play, Rest, Move,  Eat, Wear, Exit, Make,  and Buy.

Q+A: Frank Lantz

Earlier this decade, Frank Lantz helped pioneer the idea of “big games”—tech-driven multiplayer games that unfold in public space, like PacManhattan, an urban version of the classic arcade game invented by his students at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Area/code, the company he founded in 2005 with Kevin...

Recess, Rethought

A host of designers is building interactive landscapes
for kids to learn by having fun.

Toy Stories

The brief was simple and open-ended: Offer an emotional design critique of an iconic toy. Most of the designers, creative directors, authors, educators, curators, and entrepreneurs we enlisted chose objects from their childhood, articulating the smart design thinking behind these timeless playthings while also...

2009 Annual Design Review Exhibition

Just as it starts to hit the newsstands, the 2009 Annual Design Review exhibit has gone up at the Material ConneXion showroom in New York. Check out the panoramic video above for a peek at the space (sorry about the blurriness—we’re still getting the hang...

The Waste Is the Best

Skateboarders are pros at repurposing urban detritus for their own ends. Left alone too long, empty pools, empty dumpsters, even empty movie theatres will get lip-slid into a skater’s playground. Skate Study House, a collaboration between designers Pierre Andre Senizergues and...

Nice Weave

Developed 50 years ago for rockets and fighter jets, carbon fiber lives a double life half the time it's nobly protecting NASA space shuttles, the other half it's jacking up the price of your boss's golf clubs.