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The Power of the Number in Typography

Are you a bit of a typography geek like us, and love all the insider details of what goes into a great design using the ever-mutable raw material of letters and numbers? Well then get ready for a most enjoyable behind-the-scenes look at designing with type and the use of numbers in this free...

Hawkland typeface

The Hawkland Typeface

Jeremy Tankard is publishing a new typeface. The typeface, Hawkland, is Tankard's 25th design and is rooted in the style of 18th century Transitional types.


Presentation Folder Templates: Free Dielines, Mockups, and Designs

For those who lack graphic design experience, the word “template” has become something of a dirty word. It calls to mind cheap cookie-cutter designs stuffed with clip art. But there’s more than one type of template, and many of them are much more than just an easy shortcut; they’re absolutely vital to the print...

The Cotton Paper Market Is Coming Alive

Neenah Introduces NEENAH® Cotton Papers With the arrival of its newest suite of papers, Neenah reinforces its commitment to crafting the finest, pure cotton papers since it began making paper in the late nineteenth century.  “NEENAH® Cotton Papers truly represent everything Neenah brings to the art and science of papermaking: impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship,”...

Meet the Judges: Justin Peters

In this series, we will interview each 2018 Regional Design Awards judge and take a closer look at some of the spectacular work they've created during their career. Meet Justin Peters who has been solving complex branding challenges around the globe for over two decades.

Join the HOW + Print Holiday Project

Hello friends of HOW and Print magazines! HOW + Print are doing something new this Holiday Season. And we want you to participate. The design community is massive. Diverse. Ever-changing. And surprisingly close-knit. We want to showcase just how exceptional and unique designers and creatives are by asking everyone we know to send us...