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The Print Celebrates Design Winners

The first Print Celebrate Design competition was chock full of stunning design work that was created to, well, celebrate a particular occasion. From company holiday cards to friend's weddings to birthdays to special events, there were so many strong pieces in each category. View all of the winners, including the one that stole the...


Colors of the Season

I love color. And during this time of year I love the colors of the holiday seasons. Evergreen and winter white, cool blues with shimmering silver or royal, rich purples with shiny gold. And of course, how can I forget the color red. It demands my attention and makes me feel full of cheer....


Cyber Monday: We’ve Got Your Back

For today only, design tutorials, books and more are marked down 50%. Plus, use an additional promo code for an extra 10% off the sale prices (Promo code applicable on Pantone products).


Credibility-Based Logo Design with Dr. Bill Haig

Bill Haig (Dr. William L. Haig)is one of a kind. He is the only Ph.D. in logo design and branding, and for good reason. Logo design and branding aren’t supposed to be something you can get a doctorate in, but he revolutionized the field by applying credibility principles to the process. Through his unique work...


Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite

Publishing design (magazines, book covers, CD cases, etc.) has been a monumental staple in print design. So many prominent designers who stand by the print medium have careers rooted in the publishing industry, and yes they continue to wow us with the tactile and innovative styling that only print can offer. So that’s why...

Print’s 2013 New Visual Artists: Part 2

These are just a few examples of the work displayed for each of the 20 New Visual Artists. See the entire feature, plus so much more, in the new April 2013 issue of Print Magazine. Pick up your copy here! Larissa Kasper Age: 27 Title: Graphic designer, Kasper-Florio From: Rorschach, Switzerland Lives In: St....

Print Announces Debbie Millman for the 2013 RDA Cover Design

Print Magazine is pleased to announce that Debbie Millman will be designing the cover of its Regional Design Annual, to be released in November of this year. The Regional Design Annual, now in its 32nd year and one of the most respected competitions in the design market, is a comprehensive look at graphic design...