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About Steven Heller

Steven Heller is the co-chair of the SVA MFA Designer /Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program, writes frequently for Wired and Design Observer. He is also the author of over 170 books on design and visual culture. He received the 1999 AIGA Medal and is the 2011 recipient of the Smithsonian National Design Award.

NY Nico’s Got Talent

New York Nico is cited by the famous Astor Place Barber Shop as "the unoffical [sic] talent scout of New York City. A.K.A. Nicolas Heller, he's also Steven Heller's son.

It was 50 Years Ago Today …

This is the year to look back at 1968 when the counter culture made its mark and almost the same year lost its impact. Heller has decided to revisit this past that defined his own life and career. Here, you'll find an excerpt from a recent talk he gave a The Type Director's Club...

Weekend Heller: Eve of Destruction?

Hope to Nope the book includes more than 145 examples of graphic design & politics, all selected to demonstrate the role of graphic design in influencing opinion, provoking debate and energizing activism during one of the most politically charged decades in recent history.

Lord of the Pinky Rings (and Pins)

Register today for the free course “5 Skills Every Design Needs to Know.” Remember this ode to love lost and regained? Aww when Judy left with Johnny at my party . . . And came back wearing his ring . . . It always made me wonder where all those high school and college...

IBM Beyond Rand

The Jules Collins Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University is exhibiting “Visual Memoranda: The IBM Poster Program, 1969–1979” from April 12 to July 15. The posters are office messages produced for internal consumption.

Bruce Licher: Letterpress Hero

Since the early 1980s, Bruce Licher has quietly influenced the fields of independent music and letterpress printing. The type foundry P22 has just launched a book through Kickstarter that will be the first extensive monograph on Licher's Independent Project Press and Independent Project Records.

The Last of the Golden Age Art Directors

Art Paul, the founding art director of Playboy, recognized for his innovative design that transcended the limitation of a men's magazine into a journal rich with editorial and pictorial content, died on April 28, 2018. He was 93, and arguably, he was the last of magazine's golden age art directors.

Hungary’s Once Invisible Visible Punk

During the Punk movement of the 1980s, bands made posters called "antiplakas," a visual phenomenon that was a code for a youth culture aesthetic called Kádár. When it was gone it was "the last underground underground."

Weekend Heller: Book Covers Live and Live

"Be My Cover: An Exhibit of Contemporary Cover Design" features 100 of Penguin Random House’s most iconic book covers. The selection gathers book covers published worldwide within the past 10 years by more than 15 imprints from Penguin Random House. This work has been created, or art directed, by 33 designers straddling the Atlantic,...