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Steven Heller is the co-chair of the SVA MFA Designer /Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program, writes a weekly column for The Atlantic online and is the "Visuals" Columnist for the New York Times Book Review. He is also the author of over 160 books on design and visual culture. And he is the 2011 recipient of the Smithsonian National Design Award.


What’s the Animal Atop Your Lip?

Did you know that those slivers of fur on men’s upper lips, those fuzzy-wuzzies called mustaches, actually have names? Like pets. I recently came across this Voila display of the little demons and was interested to learn that Hitler’s sliver of a stash was somewhere between the Mouche and Chaplin. Then there is the...


Draw Me a Bath …

Some of the most well-crafted watercolors I've seen are the water closets for plumbing catalogs, like this one for The United States Sanitary Mfg Co.


More Sign Language

Steven Heller examines George Steere's 1905 price list of sign letters.


Take Off Your Jacket …

Dust jackets from the 1930s and '40s that survived are indeed now worn and tattered. But they are also fascinating indicators of graphic style and form.


New Icons, Old Horrors

Every year a new crop of icons emerge, underscoring inhuman behavior that seems to never diminish and only grows in intensity.

WH-Red Calendar-2

The Sweet Smell Of Letterpress

John Earles and Jennifer Blanco founded Workhorse Printmakers in Houston out of a desire to be able to create their own printed items without compromise.


Police Disturbances

In 1960 The National Association for Mental Health produced the first edition of "How to Recognize and Handle Abnormal People," a manual for police.