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Typography By Paul Rand

If you live to be 82 as Paul Rand did, you’ll probably have produced a lot of work that gets lost in the shuffle of life. This 1948 issue of the AIGA Journal is one such lost piece that recently surfaced among Rand’s long filed artifacts. Rand was the typographer for the cover and...

DuBouchett and Paul Rand’s Illustrated Trademarks

Paul Rand took over the Dubonnet Man from its originator A.M. Cassandre when the liquor came to the United States. He also created the Coronet Man, the mascot for Coronet Brandy. But did you know about the DuBouchett Man (a Harlequin by any other name)? These are all illustrative trademarks, of which he did...

100 Designers Everyone Should Know: CW&T

CW&T is the Brooklyn-based art and design practice of Tokyo-born Che-Wei Wang, 38, and Taylor Levy, 33, who originally hails from Montreal. Their products are funded through Kickstarter campaigns, and are thoughtfully made, carefully considered, and engineered to do what they do—often for multiple generations.