Comics & Animation Design

Animation design has a long history, from Disney classics like Bambi to stop-motion animation shorts and computer-generated Pixar films. Animation has had an important influence on graphic design—and vice versa. Imprint columnists including J.J. Sedelmaier and John Canemaker, both revered animators, reflect on the essential techniques and milestones in the field, including animation character design as well as digital design and animation.

Kafka Bound

The illustrated works of Kafka as created by artist Peter Kruper are the next wave of historical literature given a graphic novel treatment.

When the U.S. Army Banned a Comic Book About War

It was 1966, in the midst of the Vietnam War. President Johnson was escalating his lies to Congress and the public that prolonged this horrific and unwinnable South Asian conflict. And in that year, America suffered 6,350 fatal military casualties, well over triple the number of deaths in 1965. And a war comic titled...

Weekend Heller: David Sandlin’s Eerie Light

The new Fall art season In New York started on September 5 (through October 13) with a blast: the David Sandlin exhibition “Age of Enfrightenment“. If you read “Enfrightenment” as enlightenment, I did too. But it is obvious once you see these eerie pictures, fright is right. “David Sandlin is a prolific, critical voice...