Deco in the Details

New York City was built to accommodate many styles of architecture and design. Or maybe it just happened to be that way, because what else can you do on a small island, right? Nonetheless, despite the current penchant for glass and steel, my favorite material aesthetic was the beauty of stone and brick and the decorative elements in metal and plaster that adorned them. Art Deco, Streamline or Skyscraper Style examples are ubiquitous around New York and hopefully will stay intact despite the Russian, Chinese and other developers running roughshod. Here are some examples of what should not be touched.


Detail from facade of The Sofia Brothers Building, 61st Street and Columbus Ave.

Detail from City Bank Farmers Trust, 65 Beaver St.

Detail from entrance to 111 John St.

Detail of Bloomingdale’s facade, Lexington Avenue.

The side of the Bayview Correctional Facility, 20th Street and 11th Avenue.

On the entrance of the Western Union Building, 60 Hudson St.

General Electric Building, 570 Lexington Ave.

Downtown Athletic Club back entrance, 21 West St.

Facade of Underwriter Trust, 50 Broadway.

Detail of facade at the Chanin Building, 42nd Street.

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One thought on “Deco in the Details

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