The Unending Coil: Politics 2016-2018

In just under two years Donald Trump has turned this great democratic nation from a star of great magnitude into a black hole. We have become Bizarro World where freedom is proscribed by anti-progressive leaders and retrograde policies. What was up is now down; what was impossible is now probable. “Make America Great Again” is a threat not a promise.

Tiki lamps are symbols of hate not givers of light. The lunatic fringe is no longer on the fringe and the plot against America is gathering momentum. This unfathomable twist of fate is not entirely the fault of the current President or the compliant Congress, although together they enable it. Bizarro is historically a parallel Amerika, a muster of festering evil coalitions of white supremacy, religious intolerance, economic inequality, racial and gender inequity and a slew of other prejudiced America-firsts gathered under the big top of populism. Those who advocate today’s Bizarro view of America have new names and young faces but their fundamental illiberal dogma is as old as the Republic itself.

On October 6 SVA/NYC presents ART AS WITNESS Political Graphics 2016-2018 curated by Steve Brodner and Francis Di Tommaso (SVA Chelsea Gallery, 601 West 26th St, 15th Floor). Don’t miss it. For me, this exhibition one of a never-ending coil and recalls an exhibition that I helped organize for the AIGA in 1980: And some of the same artists are represented here, still fighting the fight.  Poster illustration by Brad Holland.